The Director

Tamal Dasgupta

Tamal Dasgupta, is an Indian Film-Maker resides in Kolkata. The serious study about Cinema and watching different type of films like Indian, Hollywood, European, Latin-American, Japanese and other Cinema from rest of world shaped his mind as a filmmaker. Tamal got the decision that he becomes a Film- Maker and joined Film & Television Institute of India, Pune and completed Film-Appreciation Course. He did his Research work on ‘Scripts of Satyajit Ray: The Art of Adaptation’ and got P.HD from Jadavpur University. Tamal started his journey into a world of images as a Documentary Film-Maker and made several Documentaries.
Tamal has made 16 Documentaries, Telefilms and T.V-Serials. His Documentaries ‘Those Coffee House Days’, ‘Story of Pather Panchali’, ‘Antpur Temple : A Poetry in Terracotta’ were screened at several National and International Film Festival.

Now Tamal is busy with his début Feature Film ‘Bhalo Meye Kharap Meye’.Tamal Dasgupta also attached with Deptt.of Film Studies, Sarsuna College, under University of Calcutta.