Our tours are for those who would like to explore the land and its people, who wish to uncover the superficial layers that can never reflect the truth of a great culture and to finally discover the real gem that shines within. The idea is to take you to common as well as lesser-known places of rare beauty and to show you a world that exists beyond brochures and boundaries, beyond luxuries and beyond imagination! The stupendous natural beauty, the cultural diversity, the exotic flora and fauna, the historic sites steeped in time and the warm and gentle people will all be a part of our travel experience. For the days you spend with us, we will be the catalyst watching you evolve as you experience the magic that unfolds.

THE CAT HOLIDAYS is India’s leading Destination Management Company engaged in both Domestic and International Package Tours with a reputation of providing full range of travel related customer services touching the world class standard and at the most competitive rate worldwide, derived from extensive experience.